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How to spread the campaign …

The preliminary ENC folder

Please spread the folder and help us to promote the campaign. It contains the basic information about our campaign at a glance.


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How to understand the EU treaties…

Reader-friendly editions

The team around the Danish MEP Jens-Peter Bonde has taken a close look on the EU constitution and the Nice treaty. The result of their work are reader-friendly editions of both, the current and the future basic EU law. Find more information on the webpage

The assignment of the Convention…

The Declaration of Laeken

In December 2001 the EU governments met Laeken, Belgium. They declared their will to improve the construction of the EU in order to met the challenges of enlargement. The following aims are mentioned in the text:
- A better division and definition of competence in the European Union
- Simplification of the Union's instruments
- More democracy, transparency and efficiency in the European Union
- Towards a Constitution for European citizens

Does the final version of the EU Constitution fulfil these criteria? We think not. Take the time and read the Declaration of Laeken.


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Where is a referendum possible...?

Study about constitutional conditions concerning referendums on the EU constitution in the EU member states

This study was published by democracy international. The conclusion: “Provided that there is the political will for a democratic legitimation of the EU Constitution binding or at least consultative referenda can be held in all countries concerned.”

Online-Dictionary for Eurospeech...


Find definitions explaining all the words used technical jargon of the EU experts. Many definitions a available in a great variety of languages.
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The proposed EU Constitution

The text which was sigend in Rome in October 2004. Find explaning documents and other languages here.