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"Grands projets" needed!

Nicolas Sarkozy with German chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin

To restore French confidence in EU (and maybe prepare for a better referendum) Jacques Chirac wants to develop “grands projets”. Europe shall demonstrate it can be a force for good. He proposed to create an EU President and Foreign Minister. Does that ring a bell?

His proposals are directly taken from the EU Constitution. But there are also several new ideas like “European Union lessons”. In all 25 member states lessons should be introduced for secondary school pupils, based on standardised “teaching model” covering EU values and history.

Nicholas Sarkozy, frontrunner to succeed Jacques Chirac as French President, has also a vision for the “European project”. He held a speech in Berlin. Instead of holding a new referendum he suggested a policy of “three stages”. Before the end of this year, he wants to implement the parts of the Constitution that do not require changes to the treaties. In the following years, he wants to address “urgent reforms” by drafting a new treaty, consisting of “ten to fifteen articles” which introduce the institutional changes envisioned in the EU Constitution. He calls it a “Treaty for a better functioning Union”, that will be followed by step 3: A new convention in 2009 to debate the big questions.
Die Welt