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The Content section will provide news, quotes and background materials refering to the topic of the EU Constitution. The time-table will give you an overview about the current status concerning the referendums on the Constitution.


Germany is on the road

“In my opinion we should not abandon the complete Treaty for a EU Constitution” was Ms Merkels first comment to European topics after her election. The new German government has the strong will to revive the Constitution. That is seen by others with relief: "The most important point is probably Germany’s enthusiastic commitment in favour of the EU Constitution. The coalition agreement is particularly explicit on this” wrote Valery Giscard d’Estaing.

Angela Merkel suggests an amendment to the treaty, she wants to bot a social declaration onto the Constitution. Although Jose Barroso reminds that this straightforward action could cause division among the member states (especially those who already expressed their disagreement) Ms Merkel prefers to retain the draft constitution unchanged.

And the new consultant at the chancellor’s office Christoph Heusgen perfectly matches this pro-EU Constitution politics. He has been head of the political staff of Javier Solana for six years. A German newspaper calls him “europapolitischer Überzeugungstäter” (acts on conviction in favour of European politics). And after the new German chancellor had solved the EUs financial problems it could push through the treaty in 2007.

The “roadmap” of Voggenhuber and Duff suggests a way to “overcome the crisis” of the EU Constitution (draw the curtain over political rejection) and Ms Merkel is on the road. She’s quoted that there is “no time” to rewrite the text.