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The Content section will provide news, quotes and background materials refering to the topic of the EU Constitution. The time-table will give you an overview about the current status concerning the referendums on the Constitution.


Cherry-picking, amputation or reviving

You perhaps thought it was over, but the Zombie-Constitution lives on...

If you thought, that fortunately the Constitution is dead now and that this would open a way to a complete new discussion, you definitely missed it by a mile. According to the latest news, there are several ways of getting something out of a dead body:

Method 1 (preferred by the two Jacques, Mr Chirac and EU Transport Commissioner Barrot) would be cherry-picking or amputation. Parts of the rejected Constitution should be implemented separately. Great idea to avoid general referenda on the topic. And necessary, because the proportion of people who are in favour of the Constitution is still decreasing.

Method 2 is to tell everyone to stop mourning, because ...there is no cause: Revive that old paper, maybe the right time has come just now. Austrians Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel and Ms Ursula Plassnik, the foreign minister were first regarded just as masters of ceremonies for the EU due to the forthcoming election campaign in Austria. But it turns out that working together with the Commission they’ll take strong efforts to go on with the “European Project” i.e. this or another (!) constitutional treaty. Backed by a chancellor of a few hours’ standing from Germany they again declare the Constitution as undead. With Schuessel as a life-saver the Constitution could be revived.
Khol, Austrias Erster Nationalratspräsident, estimates that it’ll take just 3 or 4 years until the EU Constitution will come into effect.

Hubert Gorbach, Vice Chancellor became quite unpopular after he said that one shouldn’t fumble around at the rejected treaty but start a new discussion.

For those citizens who had expected that their will could maybe be respected in a democratic Union all these discussions are a little bit disturbing. Ursula Plassnik wants to visit the two countries of rejection, while those look very close at what’s going on with the dead old treaty.


EU Transport Commissioner Jacques Barrot wants to amputate parts of the EU Constitution