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The Content section will provide news, quotes and background materials refering to the topic of the EU Constitution. The time-table will give you an overview about the current status concerning the referendums on the Constitution.


Schizophrenic EU?

The “two EUs”.
A leader in Saturday’s Telegraph argues that, “There are, in truth, two EUs. In the official EU - the EU of commission press statements and council communiqués and Mr Blair's speeches - thousands of "unnecessary" regulations are to be scrapped. Back in the real EU, on the very day that the commission was making this announcement, MEPs were passing a law to do with circuses and another about eels… The virtual EU is a sponsor of freedom worldwide; the real EU is collaborating with Beijing on weapons systems. The virtual EU listens to voters; the real EU has just allocated nine million euros to a campaign in favour of the constitution.”

For example to release a school book on the EU constitution. The Sunday Telegraph reported on a new EU schools programme which teaches that the EU Constitution is simply “on hold”. A Commission official is quoted defending the decision: “Some people might argue that the constitution is dead. But it is still on the table. The only thing that has been decided is that there will be a period of reflection.”

While pretending that the Constitution will come to life one day, the EU is even trying to sneak in "through the backdoor". The Sunday Telegraph reported on an EU document which includes plans to give as much force as possible to the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, part of the rejected EU Constitution.