The European No Campaign is a EU-wide cross party network of organisations and individuals, that work together to stop the proposed EU Constitution. We think that its rejection will enable a wide-range reform debate about the future of Europe and will be the first step to an EU that is supported by its citizens.



October 2005

Since the "no" to the EU Constitution by the French and Dutch citizens… Barroso's and Junckers's announcement of a "period of reflection"… and the referendum in Luxembourg that provided a "yes"...

...not much happened in the question of the EU Constitution. Many important people made more or less important comments on the situation and further perspectives. As expected there was not even an attempt to involve the citizens in an open debate about the future of Europe. The "period of reflection" led much more into a "period of confusion".

The single objective of the European No Campaign was to stop the EU Constitution. This seems to be achieved – at least for the time being. Nevertheless we should not stop all our activities but stay alert while observing the further development.

Therefore we decided to stay put in kind of a standby mode. We will monitor the media and update the homepage once a month. We always can be contacted at info@europeannocampaign.com

Thank you very much indeed for your support up til now

All the best

Thomas Rupp
ENC Coordinator