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Malta ratifies the EU Constitution

The Maltese parliament ratified the European constitution on Wednesday (6 July), becoming the 12th EU country to endorse the charter and the first national parliament to pass the document unanimously. (Source:

About the previous history of this parliamentarian vote please read the summary on the situation by Kevin Ellul Bonici:

On 2 July 2005 the Malta Labour Party (MLP) general conference approved 86% the leadership's proposal to vote in favour of the ratification of the EU Constitution in the Maltese Parliament. The parliamentary debate is to start on 6 July.

In his closing address the Labour Party leader, Alfred Sant, maintained that the party cannot turn the clock back. He confirmed that the party had been right in opposing EU membership, but now withdrawal is not advantageous, he said, completely ignoring the fact that not one opponent of the EU Constitution had mentioned withdrawing from the Union. Those who disagree, however, are still welcome in the MLP, added Sant, without specying whther they will be able to speak their miond or follow party dictat.

The MLP is therefore expected to join Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi's PN in a unanimous parliamentary vote to ratify the Constitutional Treaty. The prime minister has insisted this would be Malta's clear message to Europe. Meanwhile, while Malta's parliamentary representatives hug the EU Constitution, the majority of the population remains sceptical according to polls.


Sucessfully neutralised the Labour opposition: Maltese PM Lawrence Gonzi and and president Eddie Fenech Adami