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Parliament to vote on European Constitution

The heads of the parties represented in the House of Representatives confirmed their commitment to rounding off the debate on the European Constitution Treaty and put it to vote next Thursday.

In a special plenary session, the House will begin discussion of the treaty at 4pm next Wednesday. The debate will spill over to the following day, concluding with a vote on the ratification of the treaty.

EU leaders agreed after the rejection of the treaty by French and Dutch voters that the constitution would have a breathing space of a year within member states that have yet to ratify it. However, the heads of the EU states agreed that those countries that were already in the process of ratification should continue to do so.

According to Cyprus News Agency, deputies will meet an hour earlier next Wednesday to complete the debate on Chapter D on the political and legal points rising from the presence of British Bases in Cyprus.

The same source reports that the discussion, proposed by honorary EDEK leader Vassos Lyssarides, will shape the on the final decision on the approval or not of the European Constitution.

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