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PRESS RELEASE - 30 May 2005

One slice too much. -
Thank you France!

On Sunday 29 May nearly 55% of French voters said “Non” to the EU Constitution. The decision was backed by a turn-out of nearly 70%. This result, which is very much welcomed by the European No Campaign (ENC), was suggested weeks ago by the polls.

“The clear rejection of the proposed Constitution by the French citizens is an indication of the alienation between the people and the governments”, says ENC coordinator Thomas Rupp. “A constitutional project that has completely excluded the people from the beginning is a contradiction in itself and now the political elite has to pay the price.”

The ENC is an international network of individuals and campaign organisations against the EU Constitution. Its supporters come from different political camps but all agree that this Constitution would do more damage than good to the future of Europe.

“The European Union was always a project of the elites who created political realities the people had to swallow”, says Thomas Rupp. “I call it ‘Salami Tactics’ as slice by slice they went ahead with their obsession to harmonize and integrate. This proposed EU Constitution was definitely one slice too much.”

If this Constitution is ratified it would be a confirmation of the EU as a project of the elites and bureaucrats. “What we need for the sake of Europe is an EU of the citizens,” says Rupp. The precondition for that would be that this Constitution is stopped. “The French did a brilliant job and I appreciate very much their courage in saying say no against all the ‘prophecy of doom’ that was spread by their political leaders.” Rupp continues: “Now we have to make sure that the people take over control of how they want to shape the European Union. We need real reforms and at last we have a good chance of getting them!”

On Wednesday the Dutch people are expected to add another ‘no’ to the French one. “The constitutional project is dead already and we have to make very sure that the politicians respect the decisions made by the people. We will not accept being tricked into a constitution the people clearly rejected,” concludes Rupp. The fact that several countries already ratified the constitution by parliament would not prove that the citizens actually are backing it up. “It only proves that they have denied their citizens a real debate followed by a referendum.”


“The French did a brilliant job and I appreciate very much their courage in saying no against all the ‘prophecy of doom’ that was spread by their political leaders,” says ENC coordinator Thomas Rupp