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Letter to the editor:

Successful activity

Thanks to the cooperation of activists from all countries concerned we managed to get a respectable echo in the European media. The ratification of the EU Constitution in the European Parliament was the right point in time to place our "letter to the editor" and to launch the ENC. Some of the biggest European newspapers published it, followed by some interviews in radio and TV.

Please find the media review as follows (If you may add more publications please contact us!):

The Times published an article on the launch of the ENC - titled "Eurosceptics unite across Continent to fight constitution" plus our "letter to the editor" at Tuesday, 11th January 2005. Read more

At Wednesday 12th (online) and Thursday 13th January 2005, Le Monde pubished an article about our ENC letter activity and the launch of the ENC. Read the article in French language

Influential Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad publish our "letter to the editor" at Wenesday, 12th January 2005 and an additional article at Thursday, 13th January 2005 Read the article in Dutch language

Politiken on of Denmarks biggest dailies published our "letter to the editor" at Wednesday, 12th January 2005 Find more in Danish language

The Norwegian daily Morgenbladet published an article on the launch of the ENC - on Friday, 14th January 2005. Read more

"Anti-EU constitution groups join forces - Opponents to the proposed European Union constitution launched a publicity campaign Tuesday in advance of coming referendums" titles the Washington Times its article about the ENC. Read more

The Romanian daily "Monitorul de Sibiu" wrote about the founding of the ENC plus the fact that we sent out the "letter to the editor" - Read more in Romanian language

Live interview with Thomas Rupp on CNBC Europe Wednesday, 12th January 2005 broadcasted at 10.35 pm directly from the EP in Strasbourg.

Interview with Thomas Rupp on "BBC World Service" at Tuesday, 11th January 2005 broadcasted at 5.40 pm in "Europe Today"

The Brussels based online paper EurActiv links the ENC homepage and says: "'No' campaign calls for fair referendum" In Short: The European 'No' campaign is demanding "fair referendums with a balanced debate on the EU Constitution in all 25 EU countries". Link to the contribution