About Us

The About us section will give you the basic information about the European No Campaign (ENC) and its objectives. The Statement of Beliefs shows the text that is agreed by all ENC supporters. The About us section is available in: esky,dansk, deutsch, dutch, eesti keel, english, espańol, latviešu valoda, lietuviu kalba, polski and suomi.


Statement of Beliefs

(the following text is agreed by all supporters
of the European No Campaign)

As part of an independent network of organisations and individuals from all over Europe, we think that for the sake of the EU, urgent reforms are needed.

The crucial requirements of these reforms are not met by the proposed Constitution. Supporters of the network may have different reasons why this project must be stopped.

But we all believe that if the proposed EU Constitution is ratified the negative consequences outnumber the positive aspects. Therefore we consider this proposal as counterproductive to the future of Europe and recommend that the citizens of Europe say 'no' to this EU Constitution.

A 'no' would not be the end of the EU, but the start of a fruitful debate along the lines of the Laeken Declaration, that would bring the EU closer to its citizens.


A 'no' to the proposed Constitution is not the end of the EU but the start of a fruitful debate along the lines of the Laeken declaration.

Presentation on the Constitution in pdf format

Reader friendly version of the Constitution