About Us

The About us section will give you the basic information about the European No Campaign (ENC) and its objectives. The Statement of Beliefs shows the text that is agreed by all ENC supporters. The About us section is available in: esky,dansk, deutsch, dutch, eesti keel, english, espańol, latviešu valoda, lietuviu kalba, polski and suomi.


What we want

It’s time for reform, NOT the EU Constitution

The supporters of the network are committed to EU membership. But we believe this Constitution completely fails to live up to the expectations set up by the Laeken Declaration.

No EU without real democracy

We are also united in the belief that the EU status quo isn’t working. Only a wide-ranging reform debate can re-engage Europe’s citizens with the EU’s institutions, and will enable the EU to meet the challenges of the future.

Vote 'no' for real change

A ‘no’ vote will make this debate possible and finally focus on the democratic legitimacy of the EU. The alternative to this debate is to set the EU’s current problems in stone, and make future reform impossible.


If the proposed Constitution is ratified now, all its unwanted features, false compromises and the lack of democracy will be set in stone.

Presentation on the Constitution in pdf format

Reader friendly version of the Constitution